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Strategic Storytelling

Strategic storytelling involves crafting a narrative that is both compelling and relevant to your audience, while supporting your larger strategic objectives. It is about creating an emotional connection with your audience by sharing stories that are relatable, authentic and memorable. When done well, strategic storytelling can help to build trust, inspire loyalty, and create a shared sense of purpose.

Leaders who can tell a good story are more effective at engaging their teams, building relationships, and achieving their strategic objectives.


Whether it's communicating a new vision, inspiring innovation, sharing data or creating a culture of accountability, or metaphoric stories to make you think, strategic storytelling can be a powerful tool for driving change and transformation.

We aim to provide leaders with the tools, resources and guidance they need to become effective storytellers.

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From identifying your audience and crafting your story to delivering it in a way that resonates, we will explore the different elements of strategic storytelling and provide practical tips and strategies for enhancing your storytelling skills.


We believe that with the right skills and mindset, anyone can become a great storyteller. So, join us in our programs as we explore the power of storytelling.

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"School of Masters (SOM) highly recommend Varsha and Ram Samtani for their exceptional work on the data storytelling workshop for senior management employees of a US-based sportswear brand across different countries. Their execution of the project was flawless, and their expertise in the field is truly commendable. It was a wonderful experience working with them."

- Sheetal Surana | Founder - School of Masters

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Business Storytelling

Are you tired of struggling to close deals and looking for a way to take your business to the next level?


Join our business storytelling workshop and learn how to harness the power of storytelling to close deals faster and achieve greater success.

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Are you tired of struggling to close deals and looking for a way to take your business to the next level?


Join our business storytelling workshop and learn how to harness the power of storytelling to close deals faster and achieve greater success.


Effective storytelling is a crucial skill for business leaders, marketers, and salespeople. By crafting compelling stories that resonate with your audience, you can build trust, create a shared sense of purpose, and inspire action.


In our workshop, we'll teach you the art of taking an everyday event and wrapping a message around it. We provide you with the skills and tools you need to craft stories that engage your audience, build relationships, and drive sales.

Come and learn to craft success stories that give the audience a better idea of who you are and what you do.


Whether you're looking to close more deals or build stronger relationships, our workshop will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to achieve your goals. Get in touch to unlock the power of storytelling for your business!

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Metaphoric Storytelling for Trainers

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If you're a trainer or coach looking to enhance your communication skills, engage your clients and drive meaningful change, this program is for you.


Metaphoric storytelling is a powerful tool for trainer and coaches. It is the art of using metaphors, where we use one idea or object to represent another, to communicate ideas and create meaningful connections with the audience.


With our program, we provide you with the skills and tools you need to craft stories that inspire, motivate and drive transformational change and you'll learn how to use storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience. By the end of the program, you'll have a better understanding of how to use metaphoric storytelling to drive positive outcomes, and the confidence to apply these skills to your coaching and training programs.


Data Storytelling

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Data is only a group of numbers until you tell their story. In today's data-driven business world, effective communication of insights through data is crucial for driving better decision-making and positive change. Our program is designed to equip you with the skills and tools necessary to become an effective data storyteller and unlock the power of data for your organization.  Through our program, you'll learn how to create a compelling narrative around complex statistics and present them in a way that engages your audience and inspires action or the desired outcome.


Our program is suitable for leaders from all industries and levels of experience, whether you're a business owner, or senior manager. Contact us today to take the first step towards becoming an effective data storyteller and unlock your full potential to present and engage with your audience to drive action.

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"I was having trouble communicating with US, UK, and other foreign clients and even while speaking with my management and team. I was pronouncing words incorrectly without even realising it.  After finishing three to four sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my spoken communication. One of my clients was impressed by the change and said he could see I was becoming better. A heartfelt thank you to Varsha for giving me the hope that I could transform myself."

-Shehnawaz Ansari | IT Professional

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Storytelling for Innovation & Design

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By leveraging the power of storytelling, you can unlock new insights and creative solutions that drive innovation and lead to more impactful and memorable design experiences. In this program, you will learn how to use storytelling to inspire ideation, drive problem-solving, and create emotional connections with your audience.


Our expert trainers will guide you through a series of hands-on exercises and case studies that demonstrate the power of storytelling in the design process. This training program will provide teams with a powerful set of tools and techniques that you can use to take your design work to the next level. Explore the possibilities of storytelling with us.

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Case Study

Meet Surya, a young man, working in a metro, whose main job as the VP of Sales was to drive sales of his products pan India.  He would call his teams every week to discuss the revenues and sales using statistics and infographics. At the end of the meeting, he would feel like the team was not very motivated. In fact, they came across as disinterested and seemed bored.

He approached us to help him inspire and motivate his team to perform better using data. We ran our program – Storytelling for Data for him equipping him with the tools he needed to inspire his team.

Data is just a group of numbers until you tell their story. We helped Surya create a story from the data that he was presenting in an interesting and engaging manner that helped him interact with his teams and rekindle the spark of performance. We can help you do the same!

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