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Unlock Your Leadership Potential

We coach leaders to master the language of leadership to empower them to influence and inspire their teams with confidence.

About Us

We are a leadership consulting organization with a rich combined experience of 25 years in training and coaching. 

At The Winning Impression, we help you unlock your leadership potential through the art of communication. TWI aims to empower leaders with the skills they need to engage and inspire teams to drive change in their organizations.

The founders, Ram and Varsha Samtani are both passionate coaches specializing in the field of their expertise and committed to transforming lives with their programs to make a difference.

The TWI Team

Meet the founders - Passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives that they touch

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Ram Samtani


Ram Samtani is a dynamic entrepreneur who has a passion for training. He specializes in training on effective business networking skills focusing on business storytelling.

He is a master storyteller who enthralls and enriches all those who listen to him through the magic he weaves with his stories. He believes that storytelling is the most effective way of training people and inspiring them to excel in their chosen fields.

As a keynote speaker, he is known for his extraordinary ability to blend humour and practicality in a manner that keeps the audience engaged and interested. 

Ram combines his sessions with energy and enthusiasm to make every session a memorable one.

In his fifteen years of experience with BNI Bangalore, he has trained over five thousand entrepreneurs in effectively using this networking platform to grow their business.

Having run his own clothing business for over 35 years, he comes with a rich experience in customer relationship management, sales, marketing, negotiation skills, and crisis management. Using these experiences, he mentors and coaches entrepreneurs to take their businesses to greater heights. 

Currently, he conducts training in Business Storytelling and building a Powerful Presence Online. 

As a Peak Performance Coach, he takes up one-to-one coaching for entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to grow in their careers by overcoming their barriers and achieving their goals. 

Ram’s greatest strength is to explain training insights with simple experiences and examples that participants can relate to. This is what makes his training appealing and relevant to the participants who apply these learnings to their lives and businesses.

Ram believes that challenges make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

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  • Certified ICF Peak Performance Coach

  • Area Director BNI Bangalore Region  - Black Belt Master Trainer & Senior Training Director

  • Keynote speaker

- Toastmasters National Conference

- Professional Housekeepers Association

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"I've benefited a lot by pursuing this course (Communicate with Confidence) from Varsha Samtani. This course has helped me create a habit to practice regularly, and I am improving each day. I would highly recommend all working professionals and students who are struggling with their communication to take up this course to enhance their communication skills."

- Shehnawaz Ansari | IT Professional


Varsha Samtani

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Varsha is an executive coach whose specialty is working with leaders to improve performance and engagement through better communication.

She comes with a rich corporate experience of ten years of training in the field of communication which includes voice & accent neutralization, spoken communication, and public speaking.

As a voiceover artist, with expertise in voice modulation, she has coached many clients to speak with impact, one of whom she groomed to be a TEDx speaker.

A passionate storyteller, gifted with a warm and articulate voice, she captivates her audiences with her stories and keeps them engaged in the programs that she runs.    


Her experience in training comes from growing as a Trainer to Master Trainer at Next Link Pvt Ltd (A soft skills training organization) where she conducted TTT (Train the Trainer) programs and training audits for new trainers in the organization during her eight-year journey.

Currently, as an executive coach, Varsha has worked with entrepreneurs, professionals, and senior managers and helped them advance in their careers by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs and scale greater heights. Her approach is highly personalized and her programs customized to each client. 

She also runs workshops on Storytelling for leaders that help build better relationships, credibility, and impact.

Her clients say, her charismatic personality and amiable nature create an environment for learning and transformation. The techniques she uses in her programs are effective in nurturing change by inspiring action.

She believes that "by mastering the art of communication, you can learn language of leadership"

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  • Certified Counsellor

  • TEFL / TESOL trainer

  • Emotional Intelligence Coach 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practioner

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Narrator on Audible - The Wholesome Kitchen 

  • Created and narrated audio and video stories on Zamit

Business Planning
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"Varsha Samtani is a great coach. If you are in need of a voice and accent trainer, be it an individual or a group, the modules designed by Varsha are sure to help you to mould you in the right direction. Training in voice and accent needs attention to detail and Varsha is amazing at it. I loved the sessions with her. She eases you into the course and makes sure you make the course a part of our day today activities, which is a big requirement in making it a part of us. If you are looking to get trained under her, think no further, I highly recommend her services."

- Badekkila Pradeep | Voice Actor & Podcast Host 

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